Social Contribution
Social Contribution

KMW contributes to community development and
reaches out to deliver happiness and provide
opportunities for a better living society.

KMW Cares the community

As an innovative RF company in mobile telecommunications industry, KMW Inc.
cares about the community, neighbors, environment and most importantly the people around us.

KMW is establishing the culture of ‘Donation & Sharing’
for a better living environment.

Reaching out to people and delivering happiness to everyone
to give hope to others.

Appearance on SBS TV donation program ‘olive’ with hefty donation

In particular, April 16, 2010, on a SBS donation program called ‘Olive,’ KMW Inc.
donated over hundred thousand dollars to people who live in difficult
environments looking for the possibility of recovering from financial problems.

KMW Inc. made a contribution to 7 people to provide new opportunities and
to recover from their issues.
The production crew and the announcer were deeply moved by KMW’s good deed.

This donation took place to establish the culture of giving and donating in Korea.
We promise KMW Inc. will reach out to people around us and fulfill
‘sharing’ to everyone around us.

Support fostering key talents

KMW Inc. support system for a global core human resources
development is already engaged in the business.

In particular, the May 19, 2009 W. KM 4billion won worth of shares
(200,000 shares of KMW stock) were donated to the Development Fund of
Sogang University, his Alma mater, such as DY Kim scholarships fund,
the Development scholarships, Excellence visiting professor Fund,
and Sogang future technology fund used for a cluster.

Sogang University was launched Sogang University future technology cluster(seeds)
last March and the first in Korea and KMW already invested two millions in
capital for that. Moreover, EyeOnTenna (product name) related patent license and
technology were relocated to the school for free of charge,
so that business can be developed from the seeds.

CEO Mr. Kim said “When I was in college, I received Presidential scholarships
and determined, in the future, would give back to the younger students.”
And “I think, the most appropriate way for a venture company to contribute
community is the development of human resources.
That is why I made this scholarship to donate.”

Korean War Hero, Colonel “Young-Oak Kim”

KMW Inc. sponsors many activities of the Korean War hero
Colonel Young-Oak Kim, for his great achievements in Korean War
and his patriotism of his country.

Colonel Young-Oak Kim (1919 – December 29, 2005) was a highly-decorated
U.S. Army combat veteran of World War II and the Korean War.
He was awarded 19 medals, including the two Silver Stars, two Bronze Stars,
three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Medal of Military Valor, a Légion d'honneur (France),
a Croix de guerre, and the Korean Taeguk Cordon of the Order of Military Merit.

After World War II, Kim volunteered the Korean War and was able to join the infantry.
He was assigned to the 31st Infantry of the 7th Infantry Division in April.
Kim worked not only as an intelligence officer, but also virtually as an operations
officer. After serving in the Army for 30 years, Kim retired in 1972.

He then actively participated in Asian-American community affairs.
He helped found the Korean Health, Education, Information and Research Center,
the Korean American Coalition, the Koran American Museum,
and the Korean Youth and Cultural Center. A newly opened middle school in
Los Angeles fourth local district was named ‘Young Oak Kim Academy’ in
2009 in recognition of Kim.

KMW follows Colonel Kim’s footstep with his leadership, spirit of philanthropy,
and his management philosophy to be a global leading company.


Contribution to Community

KMW Volunteer Organization- “HanBit Club”

KMW Volunteer Organization “HanBit Club” was established in 1995,
to share and contribute to the community around us.

The club is comprised of over 100 members including executives and staffs
sponsoring and donating funds every month. Also, the club reaches out to
disable children to care and provide education.
‘House of Hope’ ,‘House of Caring’

Contribution to Community

Through various volunteer activities, KMW Inc. is reaching out to the community
and delivering happiness and contributing to the neighborhood.

With the collaboration with Samsung’s Volunteer Organization (SEPAS),
KMW employees are participating in many activities such as
“Love House” (building houses), “Blood Donation Relay” and “Pick up
Garbage on the Street.”

“As an employee of KMW and a member of the club, I feel worthwhile to join
the organization to share and contribute to our neighborhood,
and I believe we have responsibility to reach our and care for our
neighbors and work together for a better life.

On Jan. 10, 2008, KMW volunteered and helped with the ‘Tae Ahn Oil Spill’ accident.
Over 120 employees including their families worked on removing and cleaning oil
around the ocean. Jan. 10th was the company’s 17th anniversary which was a
holiday for the employees, but many employees volunteered to help our environment.
“We heard through the media and it seems that the damage is worse than we
thought. All of our employees feel worthwhile to volunteer and help out the
Suh-Hae-Ahn Community.

  • - Current President of KMW Japan, Gwan-Duk Jang