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MMR 64T64R (Massive MIMO Radio 64T64R)

The product, as a BTS TRx equipment to transmit a mass DATA, supporting 64T64R MIMO & Beamforming.


Easy to extend Coverage
Easy to extend the coverage as supporting 64T64T with max. power 160W

Small, & Light

Integration of 64 Micro Bellows Filters and Antenna, & one board unificated by PA and Digital Unit.

Various Power Option
In order to use a diversity of powers like AC,-48V, +28V requested at installation site,
it's realized with the structure to install/unequip power supply unit

Functino of Beamforming Calibration
On-service function of the Calibration supported for each phase between TRx modules of 64T64R, size, & delay deviation

TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) Reduction
For the weight of less than 50 pounds, easy to acquire the installation site, & able to reduce much of TCO of service operator
as easiness of coverage extentionability