RF Product

Black Hole Filter (Triple Mode Technology)

Transceiver used in wireless communications base station which filters a particular frequency band.


- The world’s first successful commercialization of “Triple-Mode” technology.
- “Triple-Mode” technology enables three distinctive resonances with only one cavity,
   utilizing a dielectric resonator with high Q-value inside a single pocket.
- Extremely High Attenuation, Low Insertion Loss, Small Size and Light Weight.
- Improved Q-Factor by 20% by changing structure of resonator.


Black Hole Filter Application

TRX CIB(Constant Impedance BPF)
- In Band Combining and low loss, small size and high attenuation in narrow guard band.
- Easy system migration in the same frequency band. (2G/3G->4G)
- Maximize the usage of guard band and full spectrum utilization.

RRH(Remote Radio Head)
- Improve Rx Performance
- Easy System Expansion
- Compact Size and Light Weight
- Reduce Installation/Operation/Maintenance Cost