RF Product

Compact RU

Antenna unified transceiver for small cell used in mobile communication
base station which connects and controls the access network and handset wirelessly.
As data usage increases exponentially every year with the advent of smart phone usage worldwide, |

coverage of base station for mobile telecommunications tends to split into small cell.
KMW compact RU is ideal to use for both indoors and outdoors as it designed to be less than 3kg in compact size with antenna unified.


Antenna Unified
Reduce Cable loss and improve power efficiency by integrating radio unit with antenna,
and improve Rx performance by minimize interference.

Easy System Expansion

Easy coverage expansion by connecting two RUs with daisy chain.
Daisy chain method makes it possible to connect more than two equipments in series, even if it is in smaller size.

Compact Size and Light Weight
KMW Inc. produces it in compact size and light weight by applying the world’s best KMW design techniques
that are used in RF filter, amplifier, and antenna.
For small cell type, it is implemented in compact size of each Radio feature by designing Front End unit to
produce output of less than 5W.
Also, optimizes characteristics of thermal efficiency by applying hexagonal arrangement structure module,
instead of stacked module placement that are used in existing base station equipment.

Reduce Installation / Operation / Maintenance Cost
By improving Rx performance, it is easy to optimize cell plan and it provides
the best condition for small cell as it is integrated with antenna.
It reduces the installation/operation/maintenance cost.
It provides the best operating condition by working with OEM vender and it saves
CAPEX (initial installation cost) by system expansion, and reduce OPEX (operation cost) by improving structure.