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About us

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About us
KMW is a company that develops and produces equipment and parts components mobile communication base stations.
KMW is a leading communication equipment specialist that connects the world.
[ Establishment of KMW ]
January 1991 (Korea Microwave)

[ Date of Listing ]
March 2000 (KOSDAQ Listing)
[ Capital ]
338.4 billion KRW (2020.01~2020.12.31)

[ Market Cap ]
2.154 trillion KRW June 2021 (2Q)
[ Number of Employees ]
1,684 (Including overseas subsidiaries)
[ Establishment of KMW ]
January 1991
(Korea Microwave)
[ Date of Listing ]
March 2000
(KOSDAQ Listing)
[ Capital ]
338.4 billion KRW
[ Market Cap ]
2.154 trillion KRW June 2021 (2Q)
[ Number of Employees ]
(Including overseas
KMW is a company that develops and produces equipment and parts components mobile communication base stations.
KMW is a leading communication equipment specialist that connects the world.
01. CEO Statement The world is facing environmental problems, such as resource depletion, environmental pollution, and global warming. KMW Co., Ltd. is also affected by climate change and internationalization. Such international issues are changing the supply chain trading principles of global companies that we do business with. To respond to new opportunities and risks, and to also create a better world, KMW Co., Ltd. will respond to issues and fulfill our social responsibilities for a sustainable society.
02. Energy and Climate Change Since the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997, it has become clear that the effects of climate change and global warming have a significant impact. We believe that greenhouse gas emissions of companies contributed the most to the abnormal temperatures that frequently occur in Korea. KMW Co., Ltd. intends to participate in the preservation of the environment by managing energy and greenhouse gases through the cooperation of employees, stakeholders, and customers.

We are carrying out various projects to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases like building greenhouse gas inventories and implementing carbon management since 2010, as well as promoting green SCM (Supply Chain Management) with our suppliers since 2013. We will internalize a greenhouse gas reduction strategy for all executives and employees, from the process improvement stage to the entire operation of the factory.
03. Carbon & Energy Management KMW Co., Ltd. has designated a QS team dedicated to carbon management for sustainable environment preservation and has given all departments the roles and responsibilities to plan and manage. All employees practice carbon management policies. Most greenhouse gas generated by KMW Co., Ltd. is due to LNG combustion, such as boilers, and consumption of externally purchased power.

The focus of carbon management in KMW Co., Ltd. is on fixed combustion during direct emissions and power management during indirect emissions. Energy management not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also improves production efficiency, resulting in cost savings to greatly help improve management. KMW Co., Ltd. will continue to take the lead in energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction.
04. EHS Management Starting with the ISO 14001 certification of Dongtan Factory in 2001, KMW Co., Ltd. acquired the ISO 14001 certification of all business sites in Korea. Since 2012, KMW Co., Ltd. Has established a global environmental management system by acquiring ISO 14001 certification of all overseas business sites. KMW Co., Ltd. is operating an advanced environmental management system at the supply chain level by conducting an integrated certification system audit.

We have organized environmental management via various programs such as education. We are computerizing chemical substance information by applying the MADAMS II IT system, a chemical substance management system, and using this data to preemptively respond to environmental regulations. We are also responding to the regulation of new EU chemical substances, implementing a policy to prohibit the use of ozone-depleting substances, implementing a plan to prohibit the use of four heavy metals, and eco-designing considering recycling.
05. Quality Management KMW Co., Ltd. continuously improves its competitiveness by adhering to the design process, securing the best parts, operating the optimized manufacturing process, and continuing improvement activities.
06. Conflict Minerals KMW Inc. is making various efforts to ensure that 3TG(gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten) and Cobalt from minds owned by rebels in the conflict zones are not used in industry. In order to secure the reliability and transparency required by customers, suppliers and other stakeholders regarding the purchase of conflict-free minerals, we are continuously making efforts to expand CFS(Conflict Free Smelter) within our supply chain.

● KMW’s Conflict Minerals Management Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, KMW’s policy is to eliminate the use of conflict minerals contained in our products that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the conflict zones.

    ㆍ KMW will implement procedures compliant with and in support of the activities of the prohibit the use of conflict minerals.
    ㆍ KMW will urge its subcontractors(suppliers) to purchase conflict minerals from smelters certified by the Conflict-Free Smelter Program.
    ㆍ According to the internal standard of audit, KMW will conduct the evaluation on its suppliers regarding conflict minerals.

● Compliance with our suppliers

KMW applies the same criteria for its conflict mineral management to all suppliers and requires them to abide by KMW's Conflict Minerals Management Policy.

    ㆍ Our suppliers shall not use all minerals from conflict affected smelters.
    ㆍ Our suppliers need to have policies in place to reasonably assure that products and components supplied to KMW are not sourced from conflict minerals.
    ㆍ Our suppliers are requested to carry out and meet their due diligence obligations along the supply chain. This includes the implementation of measures which ensure
        that the minerals used by suppliers - particularly gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten and cobalt - do not contribute to the direct or indirect support of armed conflicts
        or are in connection with violations of human rights.
    ㆍ Our suppliers shall take corrective action in a timely manner when it discovers that it is not a verified smelter through EICC/GeSI Conflict-Free Smelter Program.
Proposing innovation to the telecommunication industry
Chairman Duk-Yong Kim, Korea’s first-generation venture entrepreneur, founded KMW in 1991. KMW grew to a leading domestic company in just four years starting from a 40m2 warehouse by developing innovative RF switches.
  • 1991.01 Company founded (Korea Microwave)
  • 1995.02 Finished main building No.1 construction and move-in
  • 1995.04 Acknowledged establishment of affiliated corporate
    research institute (Research Institute at Head Office)
  • 1995.08 Established US subsidiary (LA)
  • 1996.05 Changed company name to KMW Co., Ltd.
  • 1996.06 Acquired ISO 9001 certificate (DNV)
  • 1997.04 Acknowledged as a new technology of Korea (KT mark)
    (Minister of Science and Technology)
  • 1997.06 Finished laboratory No.1 construction and move-in
  • 1997.12 Finished dormitory No.2 construction and move-in
  • 1998.01 Finished main building No.2 construction and move-in
  • 1998.02 Selected as a high technology SME
    (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
Crossing the border into the world!
KMW acquired ISO international standard certification and has been selected as a top 300 world-class company. KMW recorded rapid growth in cooperation with various global companies.
  • 2000.03 Listed on KOSDAQ (Code No. 32500)
  • 2000.04 Established Japanese subsidiary (Currently in Yokohama)
  • 2000.07 Finished laboratory No.2 construction and move-in
  • 2000.11 Finished factory construction and move-in
  • 2001.01 Acquired KS A/ISO 14001 certificate
    (Korea Management Association Quality Assurance)
  • 2002.03 Established Xi’an Huatian Communication Co., Ltd.
  • 2010.04 Designated as an Outstanding Technology Center (ATC)
    (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • 2010.10 Established Anseong factory
    (casting, machining, plating, coating, ceramic)
  • 2011.02 Affiliated corporate research institute acknowledged.
    (Research Institute at Anseong Factory)
  • 2011.06 Acquired TL 9000 certificate
    (Design and manufacture of radio antenna system)
  • 2012.06 Acquired OHSAS 18001 certificate
    (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series)
To the future, to the world!
KMW has greatly expanded overseas production facilities and introduced an automated process to establish a foundation that can respond promptly to customer needs. With advanced ideas, beliefs, challenges, and technologies, KMW is currently supplying its technologies for mMIMO, an integral 5G system, to global customers.
  • 2015.02 Established Vietnamese subsidiary
  • 2015.12 Completed factory No.1 in Vietnam
  • 2018.06 Completed factory No.2 in Vietnam
  • 2020.06 Completed factory No.3, 4 in Vietnam